Chef Gaetano Costa

"When I was a child, I used to paint and I was very talented. When I was twelve years old I sold my first painting".
Born in 1972 in Torre del Greco (Naples), Gaetano Costa starts from this curious particular to tell his story. One of his teachers, in fact, struck by his artistic talent, advises him to attend the High School specialized in culinary studies, in an age when children often have no idea of what they will be.
His culinary career starts here. Immediately fascinated by pastry, Costa begins working in seaside resorts and then in high mountain hotels.
The first meeting with haute cuisine is at the Excelsior Hotel in Naples. Here Costa understands how luxury hotels are organized and falls in love with them.
His professional history in Rome begins in 1995 at the Parco dei Principi Hotel, where he strengthens his training on classical haute cuisine. After two years, Costa starts working at the Aldrovandi Palace Hotel whose cuisine is characterized by the creative style of the chef Jean-Luc Fruneau.
In 2000, Gaetano Costa arrives at the Majestic Hotel in via Veneto. Here he begins an idyllic working relationship with the Violante family that will last eight years. At the Majestic, famous people like Luciano Pavarotti, Bill Gates and Liza Minnelli will eat the creations of the chef.
"To gain experience you don't need to travel around the world if the world revolves around you": first sous-chef, then executive-chef of the whole gastronomic structure of the Hotel, Gaetano Costa here consolidates his art also with the exchange with international famous chefs (as the French Jean Michel Laurent and Michel Portos or the Basque Firmin Arrambide).
After 4 years, Gaetano Costa, becomes a "brand" and he can say no to the opportunity that comes from the prestigious Boscolo Group.
The chef moves into the Aleph, a 5 star hotel that, belongs to him for the strong architecture and for the colors.
Just one year later he was contacted to manage the entire F&B department of the Grand Hotel Ritz in Rome, which reopened after more than two years of renovation.
The new restaurant The Roof, a beautiful terrace on the 7th floor of the hotel overlooking the majestic Piazza Euclide.